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If there is one thing that medical science cannot overcome it is the streak of controversies. Since, the medications act on the body questions such as reliability, safety and side effects pose threat to one’s body. There is always a mixed reaction amongst the public since some of the medications suit some of their bodies while others do not suit the body in any way. Hence, the juicy gossip of controversy seeps up. Another factor is the potential risk quotient which is allied to the side effects factors. Weighing side effects with the benefits is assessed throughout and hence draws controversial facts. Releasing itself from the pangs of controversy this has emerged as one of the popular medications amongst the users.

Details about Valtrex

Valtrex was discovered accidently when a series of experiments were being conducted by a set of scientists. They came across an important component called the valacyclovir ( which is used to make Valtrex) which was responsible for curing viral infections. Virus which caused herpes and shingles was found to be from the same source. This medicine helped to cure them by preventing its spreading rate and easing out the pain and the itching factor by a significant amount. This accounted for Valtrex medication for herpes being popular. Eventually, valtrex treatment for shingles started being used since the particular medicine helped to cure the virus which erupted from the same source. Many users found it very beneficial and its demand in the market was up trend. However, these diseases were confined to adults only. The same virus source was responsible for eruption of chicken pox and sore throat in children. Valacyclovir sore throatbecame a common practice in children since it accelerated the rate of healing and reduced the pain by a great decrease. Other uses of Valacyclovir include treating the chicken pox in children. It should be remembered that Valacyclovir is not a cure for all these diseases and hence must be coupled with authentic medications which can help to curb the virus completely

Valacyclovir can be taken once in a day and a single tablet is sufficient to show significant results within a few days time. However it is recommended to consult a doctor and strictly adhere by his prescription for effective results. Dosage should be taken as deemed necessary and it should not be stopped without the prior permission of doctor. Over dose should be avoided under all circumstances and every care should be taken not to break or damage the pill

Probable Side Effects of Valacyclovir

This is quite a safe medicine to be used however; there are probable side effects such as nausea, headache and dizziness which can be felt when one starts these medications. If any of these persist for a greater time period, the medication should be stopped and urgent medical help should be taken.